Price / Market

Can you tell me the quotes for crowdsourcing photographers?
It is about US$1,500-$2,500 per day.

What are the criteria for selecting creators for each project?
We select a creator that meets your needs in light of multiple factors such as budget, creator's past works, production skills, video genre, and schedule.

How long does it take from hearing to estimate?
It takes about 3 days.


What can we tell the director to understand our intention?
We will ask you about the production intention and purpose, publication media, budget, reference video, desired scale, etc. along the interview sheet.

Who writes plans and composition plans?
VIDWEB producers or affiliated scenario writers and constituent writers will support you.

Can you make proposals even crowdsourcing service?
Of course! Our in-house producers or collaborative scenario writers and constituent writers will make proposal for you.

What genres are you good at?
We can produce any genre, from TVCM to recruitment videos. It is possible to assign creators that match the desired video content.

I would like to make a 3 minute video. How fast can I make it?
Depending on your desired image, we have the fastest time for about a month.

Are there creators in all 47 prefectures in Japan?

Can you cast talent?
Yes, of course.

Can you make VR images?
Yes we can. We work with creators who can create VR.

Is there a presence of VIDWEB at the time of shooting?
Yes, if needed.

Can I have a face-to-face meeting?
It is possible anytime.

Can you handle pamphlet production and web production other than videos together?
We specialize only in video production, but we can introduce other companies if necessary.  


Do you have good staff because we want to ensure quality?
Yes, VIDWEB staff, a professional group of video production, is in charge of quality control.

What are the selection criteria for staff creators?
VIDWEB has its own selection criteria. Among them, there are items such as communication skills, past production results, flexibility, owned equipment, skills, genres, etc.

Difference with competitors

What is the difference from other crowdsourcing?
A solid support system, local and overseas photography can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively.

What is different from other companies that use crowdsourcing?
Other companies seem to have a lot of trouble because customers interact directly with creators. We are in a stress-free system because our producer goes between you and the creator and manages the complicated production process.


How many times can I ask the same staff or creators to make a production?
You can ask as many times you want.

Is it possible to produce partial videos?
Yes! We can also be used as an external resource for editing, shooting, narration, etc.

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