How it works

1. Free consultation
After making inquiries by telephone or email, our consultant will introduce you to VIDWEB services. And we will ask your production needs (issue, purpose, target, budget, etc.) according to the interview sheet.
2. Proposal and Estimate
Based on the content we interviewed, a dedicated producer will drop it into a storyboard and composition plan and propose a plan that embodies the final video together with an estimate.
3. Staff / Shooting Arrangements
A dedicated producer will arrange location and shooting preparations in cooperation with photographers and directors around Japan .
4. Shooting
We will shoot accurately based on the plan while always communicating through the system. Smooth shooting is possible wherever the person in charge of your company is anywhere in the world.
5. Edit
The editorial staff in charge edits the video material and completes a high-quality video according to the plan. Here you can also edit sounds, cuts, special effects, subtitles, productions and other edits included in the video project.
6. Final confirmation
The edited provisional delivery video is uploaded to the system, so you can check it anywhere on your device as long as you are online. Since correction and additional editing can be instructed on the system, speedy and efficient video production is possible.
7. Delivery
Completed videos / videos will be delivered in the video format specified by you.
8. Video Advertising
Upon request, we will also assist you with the delivery of the videos you have created and the AB test. It can be distributed to a wide variety of channels, from selection of media suitable for the target to distribution, SNS marketing using social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
9. Verification of effects and proposals for further effects (PDCA)
At the same time that we will report the verification report of the distribution results, we will make proposals such as re-editing the produced video and strengthening the distribution destination in order to achieve further effects.

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