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Mie, a city where rich nature and magnificent man-made structures merge. If you cut that dynamic landscape, you should be able to create an impressive video work that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

Nabana no Sato Illumination

Nabana no Sato boasts the largest illumination in Japan. Commitment to the beautiful brightness of a real light bulb, using only light bulbs and LEDs. Popular as the world's highest quality.

After all, it was the 200m magnificent light tunnel that made the name famous. Other must-sees include a twin tree overwhelmed by its elegant presence and romantic water illumination. Various themes of illumination are developed every year, and you can enjoy it regardless of how many times you visit.

Anorisaki Lighthouse

As the name suggests, the Anorisaki Lighthouse, which stands at the tip of the Shima Peninsula Anorisaki, is a precious landmark that was chosen as one of the 50 most popular lighthouses in Japan.

The history of Anorisaki lighthouse begins in 1681 when Tomyodo was built by the Edo Shogunate. Later, in 1873, the first wooden octagonal lighthouse was built by R.H. Brunton, an English architect called "Father of a Japanese Lighthouse". At that time, a rotating Fresnel multi-face flash lens was used for the first time in Japan. The lighthouse at that time can still be seen at the Ship Science Museum in Tokyo.

The current lighthouse is the second generation, built in 1948. A unique rectangular shape among lighthouses nationwide.
The scene where the Anorisaki lighthouse appears is featured in the video light and photo panel in the lighthouse exhibition library on the grounds of the movie directed by Keisuke Kinoshita.

It is a popular tourist destination because it is a location for masterpiece movies, it is rare for an active lighthouse, and you can see Mt. Fuji beyond the Enshu pass if the weather is good.


“Kamijima” is a small island with a population of over 500 people at the mouth of Ise Bay.
One of the highlights was built during the war to see where the bullets fell. As a stage appearing in the climax of Yukio Mishima's novel “Shiosai”, it has been loved by many fans over the ages. While looking a little eerie, the view from the rooftop is superb.
The area around the island is about 4 km, so you can walk around on foot. The entire island is mountainous, centering on Mt. Lanming at an altitude of 171m, and you can enjoy trekking across the sea.

The beach called “Niwa no Hama” in the southeastern part of the island has a “karst landform” made of weathered limestone. The rugged Shiraiwa that jumps out of here is impressive. With overwhelming natural beauty, it is also designated as a city designated natural monument.
It is a popular island as a film location.

Oniga Jo

Onigajo is a coastal scenic spot in Kimoto-cho, Kumano City. It is also designated as a national scenic spot and natural monument.
There is a large cave made by eroding quartz rough rock, and the bedrock called “Senjojiki” in front is too famous. Slope-like majestic bedrock, which is a five-tiered terrace, is a natural art created by uplift, weathering and wave erosion. The open waters that stretch as far as you can see are also spectacular.

Yokkaichi factory area

The Yokkaichi Factory Zone boasts a stunning view that competes for one or two of the many night view spots in the country.
Yokkaichi was the first in Japan to have a petrochemical complex in the 1950s and led the Japanese economy as an industrial city. Pollution such as air pollution and water pollution that occurred in the course of development has been greatly improved by the hard efforts of citizens, businesses, and governments, and now we are recovering a favorable environment.
A huge petrochemical complex with sophisticated functional beauty, it will give you a powerful dignity during the day and a fantastic glow at night, fascinating all who see it.

The night view of this factory, which has been called the “Holy Land” by factory enthusiasts, which have been increasing in recent years, can be enjoyed from the sea through the “Yokkaichi Complex Night View Cruise” that started in 2010.

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