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A building that feels the weight of history. A breathtaking romantic landscape. Here in Nagasaki, there are a wide variety of movie shooting locations.


In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Japan was the first country outside Western Europe to introduce an industrial revolution by introducing Western technology. Gunkanjima is also registered as a World Heritage Site as an important heritage group that tells its history.

Gunkanjima, also known as Hashima, was once a small undersea coal mine island. It is said that the seawall surrounds the entire island, and the appearance of high-rise reinforced concrete resembles that of the warship Tosa.

The reinforced concrete high-rise apartment is the oldest in Japan, and is attracting attention in the construction industry.


Hitotsuku and Neshiko beaches are said to be the most beautiful in Hirado Island. Despite being blocked by rocky shores, the white sandy beach, the emerald sea, and the blue sea leading to the East China Sea extend over 2 km.

Neshiko no Hama is a popular sea bathing spot that has been selected as one of Japan's 88 baths by the Environment Agency. "Hitotsuku no Hama", which is slightly north of Neshiko's beach, and "Kashima Beach" next to it are breathtakingly beautiful.

Compared to the well-known Neshiko beach, these two beaches are less popular and can be visited like a private beach. Because private houses are not visible, this is a great shooting spot where you can relax and enjoy the scenery of small islands without feeling the signs of people.

Shirakine peak

“Shirakimine Kogen” is a beautiful spot known as a beautiful flower garden where about 200,000 cosmos are woven in autumn.

Located on the hillside of Gokeharadake at an altitude of 1058m, you can see not only the superb view of pink cosmos but also the vibrant collaboration of cherry blossoms and rape blossoms in spring.

Urakami Church

"Urakami Church" is renowned for its beauty in buildings and stained glass, and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Nagasaki.When you step inside the building, the stained glass pattern is reflected on the floor at noon, and the entire building shines in stained glass color in the evening, creating a very fantastic space.

It was built in 1914 as the largest Romanesque cathedral in the Orient, but the building was destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945, and the dome of the left tower fell due to a blast and collapsed.The current building was rebuilt in reinforced concrete in 1959 and restored in 1980 with brick tiles to resemble the original.

The bell tower of Angelus on the right tower that survived the blast of the atomic bomb still resounds as it was at that time, and on both sides of the entrance are statues of Mary and John statues of the bombed Old Cathedral.

This church is a must-visit to enjoy the beauty of the building and to feel the misery of the atomic bomb.

Night view from Mt.Inasa

The night view of Nagasaki, which is said to be "the most beautiful in Japan" and "the $ 10 million night view". In 2012, it was selected as the "World's Third Night View" and in 2015, "New Japan's Third Night View".

Inasayama is a famous night view spot where you can overlook all of them. The fantastic night view praised from all over the world spreads below your eyes, and its beauty is overwhelming.

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