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Niigata Prefecture is a place where good old Japanese landscapes are still blending with life. This is a fascinating shooting location that you will want to visit many times in search of seasonal scenery and gastronomy.

Toki Messe

Toki Messe opened in 2003 at the mouth of the Shinano River in the center of Niigata City. It is a landmark facility in Niigata City where large events are held, integrating a full-scale exhibition hall accommodating 10,000 people, 13 large and small meeting rooms, hotels, etc.

"Befco Bakauke Observatory", located about 125m above the ground, is the highest on the Sea of ​​Japan side. You can get a 360-degree panoramic view of Niigata city, as well as the Sea of ​​Japan, Sado Island, and the Gozu Mountains.

It is also ranked first in the night view ranking and date spot ranking in Niigata Prefecture.

Suido Park Nagaoka City

The Suido Park, located in the downtown area of ​​Nagaoka City, is a historic park that has also served as the stage for the movie “Strobe Edge” and the PV for AKB48 “So long!”.

The water tank and pump building are familiar as local symbols with the appearance of a Taisho romance. Construction commenced in Taisho 3 and completed in 1927.The water tank was installed in September 1998, and the pump room, spare generator room, and monitoring room building were registered as tangible cultural properties of the country in December 2013. Registered to.

There are arbors and benches in the park, making it a place for citizens to relax.

It is also a must-see for the night water tank that is lit up and increases its presence.

Shinano River Yasuragi embankment green space

The Shinano River Yasuragi Dike, located near Niigata Station and along the Shinano River, is the first gentle slope in Japan. The rich green tract of land where the water of Shinano River is integrated with lawns and trees spreads out, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely walk.

The surrounding area is lined with cultural facilities such as Bandai Bridge and other important cultural properties, and it shows the seasonal atmosphere in harmony with the row of cherry trees, tulips, and weeping willows that bloom in the green area.

Don't miss the "Bonbori" lighting at night, which can be enjoyed with the beautiful Shinano River night view. Many people come to see the large fireworks display at the end of the Niigata Festival.

It is also known as the AKB48 "Max Toki 315" PV shooting location.

Bandai Bridge

Bandai Bridge, a tourist spot that symbolizes Niigata City. It is a bridge over the magnificent Shinano River that flows through the city center and is loved as a key point of transportation and a symbol of the city.

The current Bandai Bridge is the third generation built in 1929. The first wooden bridge was built in 1886 with the hope of "doing it for the development of Niigata", but it was destroyed by a large fire. A second-generation bridge was built in 1909, but it has become the current shape due to the reduction in the width of the Shinano River.

The third generation, Bandai Bridge is made of reinforced concrete with a total length of about 300m. It has a beautiful shape with six arches, and the appearance of granite is plentiful. It is recognized as an important designated cultural property of the country for its high building technology and design.

There is a promenade on the river embankment, and cherry blossoms and tulips bloom in the spring, creating a colorful scenery. The view from cafes scattered along the riverbank is also wonderful.

Rice terraces Yamakoshi Village

Yamakoshi Village, which is rich in nature, is a famous place for the stage of the NHK serial drama "Kokoro". The ancient times are the sea floor, the mountains have grown over the years, and the beautiful rural landscape, such as morning fog and water mirrors, has spread.

Terraced rice fields and terraced ponds are cascading along the slopes of the mountains, providing a fantastic sight of the seasons. The landscape is an accumulation of the efforts of the ancestors who cleared the limited mountain slopes, secured water sources, and carried tools, fertilizer, and harvested rice.
After the rice planting, the Nishikigoi fry is released and the most beautiful season of the year begins.

On June 12, 2003, it was selected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as an important area of ​​cultural landscape related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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