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Showa fragrance that everyone is fascinated over generations. And the fresh nature that spreads in the city. Why do not you create a gorgeous video that will resonate with your heart in Sendai?

Keyaki Namiki Jozenji-dori

Sendai, a city where nature and nature are in harmony, is called the “Mori no Mori”. One of the most popular symbol of Sendai Station and the oasis of the city is Jozenji-dori, a 700-meter zelkova street that connects Nishi Park and Kotodai Park.
It dates back to 1601, and it is said that Jozenji Temple was first erected for the demon sealing of Sendai Castle, and that Jozenji Street was opened as its approach.
During the day, many people enjoy a pleasant walk while looking up at zelkova, and bronze statues such as Crochetti's Bathing Woman and Greco's Summer Memories smell of culture.
As dated by a Showa era college student in the movie "Unaccompanied", today's zelkova trees are irresistible to couples, but the more popular ones are lit up. The “Sendai Hikari Pageant”, which is held especially in winter, is nicknamed “Pageant” or “Hikape”, and is an illumination that symbolizes the winter of Sendai, which has been held more than 30 times. about
The appearance of the illuminations of 600,000 balls being colored with 160 zelkova is a masterpiece as the words are so beautiful that they lose their words.
In addition, it has been popular as a venue for various events such as street jazz festivals from locals, and as a music video location for "Wake Up, Girls!"
It is a romantic spot where you will want to enjoy the seasonal expressions, such as fresh green in spring, deep green in summer, and light-up in the cold sky.

Aoba Castle

Sendai Castle, the residence of Date Masamune, a 20-minute drive from Sendai Station, known as Aoba Castle, is one of Sendai's indispensable tourist spots.
Sendai Castle, famous for being built by Masamune Date during the Keio years, had been used as Date's residence for about 270 years before the abolition of the feudal clan and the abolition of the castle.

Many tourists from all over the country come to see the famous equestrian statue of Masamune Date. In addition, the observatory located near the equestrian statue is a popular point from which you can overlook Sendai City. Sendai City, seen from Mt. Aoba surrounded by nature, is a truly spectacular view.
The Aoba Castle Museum exhibits real materials related to Date Masamune. "Virtual Sendai-Revived Sendai Castle / Castle Town" where you can stroll the scenery of the time with a large 50-inch panel is also worth a look.

Hirose River

Hirose River, a first-class river flowing through Sendai, is a symbol of the city. It is said that 400 years since the castle town was built, the city of Sendai has carved history with the Hirose River.
The Hirose River flows through the city as if to meander repeatedly. Walking along the meanders of the river while watching the steep cliffs and overgrown trees, you will be able to encounter a variety of natural scenery, such as forests and waterfalls, which you cannot imagine in a large city.

When you go to the riverbed, the expression changes further. A gentle space spreads out before your eyes, and the sun falls down.
Stroll from upstream to downstream and you'll find a number of favorite shooting points.
It is also a place where you can enjoy various leisure activities such as sweetfish fishing in early summer, sweet potato party in autumn, canoeing upstream, and it is also recommended to visit along with festivals such as "Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival'' and "Hirosegawa Lantern Streaming".

Yagiyama Bennyland

A 20-minute bus ride from Sendai Station brings you to the amusement park "Yagiyama Bennyland".
Opened in April 1968 as the first comprehensive amusement park in the Tohoku region, this amusement park still has plenty of the smell of the Showa era. By the way, this year is one year before the era setting of the movie "unaccompanied".

It's a very nostalgic experience to see exactly the "standard of amusement parks", such as "Corkscrew" 360 degrees two times flip, 150-second roller coaster "Yagiyama Cyclone", giant swing and tea cup. You can enjoy up to archery.
The adjacent Sendai City Yagiyama Zoological Park is also a zoo with a long history. It is a spot you want to visit together.

Musical Hall Kotodai Park

Kotodai Park is a city park in central Sendai. Nearby are the Sendai City Hall, the Aoba Ward Office, the Miyagi Prefectural Office and the national branch offices, and you can visit the "Ichibancho Shopping Street" and the best downtown "Kokubuncho" in Tohoku within a few minutes' walk.

In the park, along with nature such as flower beds and waterfalls, there is also an outdoor music hall, a stand, a green consultation office, a toilet, etc.It is full of salaried workers and OLs who spend lunch break on weekdays, and parents and children who enjoy picnics on holidays. .
Also, one of the reasons why various events are held is a place for citizens to relax. Various events such as sightseeing products and sales are held in the public square, and festivals and music events are usually held in the outdoor music hall.

This concert hall is also the venue where the debut live was performed in the last scene of the movie version "Wake Up, Girls! Seven Idols".
It is also recommended to enjoy a walk while enjoying works by famous sculptors, such as the "Peace Prayer Statue", "Valley Statue" and "Time Square".

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