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Why don’t you create a video that permeates the hearts of modern people in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is full of fresh healing spots? It will surely refresh your body and mind when shooting.

Tsugane School former Sutama History Museum

Tsugane School is a famous location for the NHK drama Hanako and Anne. This museum uses the school building of the former Tsugane School, which was built in 1873. The building is so stylish that you can't imagine it as a school building.

The museum displays historical cultural properties of Sutama-cho and materials related to schools from the Meiji era to the Showa era, and there are some that you can actually touch to enjoy the atmosphere of the old school.

There is a café in the classroom on the first floor, so you can enjoy a tea time while soaking in nostalgia.

Oshino Hakkai

"Oshino Hakkai" is eight spring ponds in Oshino Village. Anyway, Mt. Fuji is near, and when the weather is blessed, you can clearly see the magnificent Mt. Fuji.
This area was once the bottom of a lake in ancient times. However, the lake was cut off by the great eruption of Mt. Fuji in Enryen 19 (800) and the water died, leaving Oshino Hakkai alone with only the spring opening remaining.

Outlet pond, Mikami pond, Shimobashi pond, Choshi pond, spring pond, mud pond, kagami pond, and iris pond have the largest spring water amount of 230,000 tons per day. . As for the quality of water, it is characterized by many mineral components such as calcium.

Each pond is beautiful and clear enough to see the lava under the ground, and the blue of Mikama Pond is like an aquarium. It has many blue chars and trout, and its blueness and clarity make it easy to see the swimming figure and facial expression.

Oshino Hakkai was one of the "100 Best Waters in Japan", was designated as a national natural monument, and was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2013. The surroundings of the pond are full of tourists, but some places are quiet enough to hear the sound of the clear stream a little further away. Legends are spelled in each of the eight ponds, so it is recommended that you look at the ponds while thinking.

Niikurayama Asama Park

“Shinkurayama Asama Park” near Lake Kawaguchi is a rapidly rising spot where you can see the five-storied pagoda, cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji together.

The scenery that can only be seen here can be said to be truly a superb view that represents Japan. In winter, snow piles up, creating a more fantastic sight.

In addition, because it is located on the hillside of Mt. Arakura, you can enjoy a night view of the cityscape around Lake Kawaguchi.


Shosenkyo in Chichibu-Tamakai National Park is Japan's most beautiful valley. The valley, where complex strange rocks spread and dynamic rock surface can be seen, is a sight that you can hardly imagine in modern Japan.

As you walk through the valley, waterfalls and rocks spread from side to side and up and down, including the 30-meter-high Sengataki waterfall created by a crustal fault.
The beauty of the autumn leaves in particular is said to be outstanding in Japan.

In addition, there are plenty of other highlights, such as Nagatanbashi, an arch bridge famous as the gateway to Shosenkyo completed in 1914.
The best valley beauty in Japan where nature like the movie "Sun" spreads. It is a good place to see once with this eye.

Akeno sunflower field

Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture is surrounded by mountains such as the Southern Alps and Kai Komagatake, and about one-third of the city is a mountain rich plateau.
Above all, the sunflower field in Akeno is famous as a location for the movie "I'm going to see you now".

The sunflower, which has become the symbol of Hokuto City with the longest sunshine in Japan, blooms in plenty of sunshine.

A festival is held every year at the time of sunflower flowering. The Hokuto City Akeno Sunflower Festival 2016, which will be held from July 23 to August 21, is divided into three venues, where you can enjoy sunflower software, local fresh vegetables, and store openings around the main venue.
There are about 20 sunflower fields and their blooming times differ, so if you visit during this period, you can see the sunflowers in full bloom somewhere.

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