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One of the most dynamic nature in the world. There are lots of spots full of power and mystery that can only be taken in Akita Prefecture.

Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan. It is also famous for having the golden "Tatsuko statue" used for shooting in the Korean drama "Iris".

One of its features is that it does not freeze even in winter, and the blue reflected on the surface of the water looks different depending on the depth and weather. Sometimes a deep brilliant color, sometimes a transparent jade color ... The mysteriously changing lake, once seen, should be deeply carved into memory.

It is also one of Japan's 100 scenic spots, and the entire area around Lake Tazawa is designated as "Tazawako Dakikaeri Prefectural Natural Park"

Shirakami Mountains

The Shirakami-Sanchi is a vast mountain range that extends from southwestern Aomori Prefecture to northwestern Akita Prefecture. With a length of 65,000 ha, it was partly registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1993.

It is listed as a World Heritage Site because it has one of the world's largest natural beech forests, which is hardly affected by humans.

It is said that the birth of the Shirakami Mountains began about 2 million years ago, and the uplift of the Sea of ​​Japan began, and the birth of beech forests is said to be about 8,000 years ago at the beginning of the Jomon period. A variety of plants grow, including the beech miznara community and the Sawagumi community, and a large number of animals such as the black bear, the Japanese macaque, the black bear, and the golden eagle. It has been praised that the whole Shirakami Mountains is like a forest museum.

In the mid-1975s, nature conservation and survey activities started when the Seishin Forest Road was planned to traverse the Shirakami Mountains. It was designated as a forest ecosystem protected area in March 1990 and as a natural environment conservation area in July 1992, and one of the world's leading natural values ​​is still carefully protected.

Koyasu Gorge

"Koyasu Gorge" is a gorge upstream of Minase River. The highlight is the moment when steam blows from the rock with a roar. Over a long period of time, the hot water gushing out of the breach of the cliff cliff about 60m in height carved by the Minase River is so powerful as to lose words.

Large and small waterfalls and intense rapids are also worth a look. In the fall you can enjoy the beautifully colored trees.

Nakajimadai / Shishigahana Marsh

Nakajimadai / Shishigahana Marsh is a marsh spring spring of about 26ha spread in Chokai Quasi-National Park. It is a spot that is also designated as a nationally designated natural monument, with many unusual trees such as Choukai marimo and monster-like beech trees that are valuable in the world.

The world that spreads out is a mysterious museum full of nature. Above all, "Agariko Daioh" is about 300 years old and is a symbol of the forest. As a beech with a circumference of 7.62m, it is the largest in Japan and has been selected as one of the 100 Best Forest Giants.

Summer is cool thanks to the lush greenery. You can feel the breath of nature in your whole body while enjoying a hike.

Kanpu zan

Mt.Kanpu seen from the entire area of ​​Oga / Nanshu is a great shooting spot where you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city, Sanzan, and the vast ocean.
Before sunset, the sea is tinged with the setting sun, and after sunset, a romantic night view spreads below your eyes and you can enjoy the slow passage of time.
There are many highlights such as a rotating observatory on the top, Himegatake, and a demon's hidden village.

It is also known as a famous road and a popular touring spot. The natural and artificial roads as far as the eye can see match exquisitely, and everywhere you take a picture.

It is also a paragliding mecca, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the air on the wind.

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